About OSP Diesel

OSP Diesel was started in response to the strong need for a local solution to the ongoing reliability problems experienced in late model diesel trucks and vans since the introduction of increased emissions controls. Having a large customer base in our high performance automotive business, many of whom also had diesel powered pickups, we would frequently get asked "Can you do anything for my diesel truck that will get me extra power and better mileage?". That prompted us to start selling and installing the three most typical diesel performance upgrades on a regular basis: free flowing exhaust systems, cold air intake systems, and electronic chips/flash programmers.

With the introduction of emissions controls to diesel trucks in the early 2000's, we started seeing a pattern of blown head gaskets, engine coolant loss, failed injectors, and even catastrophic engine failures. Initially we would see that the necessary repairs were being performed at the dealerships under the OEM warranty. Unfortunately, the same flawed design parts and fluids where being installed as warranty replacements and over time the same failures would again occur.

Over time, as these failures were further evaluated, knowledge was gained about the root cause of the failures. Today we know that most of the problems are caused by a combination of several things…………an incompatibility between some of OEM recommended coolant and lubricants with some specific engine components and the cooling systems, several fundamental design flaws with the OEM parts, and the requirement for a much more stringent service and maintenance schedule required with these newer emissions equipped engines. As we continued to get more deeply involved with diesel repairs, we sought parts and procedures that would permanently resolve these issues. As more of these trucks exceeded original OEM warranties, many of our customers sought our expertise to provide them a permanent solution to the problem. This is what led us to form OSP Diesel, a separate company from our high performance automotive business, allowing us to focus specifically on the diesel market.

Today we provide OSP Diesel Bullet Proof solutions from our 10,000 sq ft facility located in North Kingstown RI. Our diesel mechanics are former factory trained technicians that also have extensive experience with the diesel performance aftermarket. This unique perspective has allowed them to gain knowledge in all aspects of diesel repairs from the OEM side and compare that with solutions available through the aftermarket, leading to an approach that combines the best of both worlds. From a management standpoint, we have more than 15 years experience in recommending and supplying diesel upgrade and performance parts with a long list of satisfied customers. In addition we have been involved with and have owned diesel trucks ourselves since the late '80s, with our first diesel power truck being an IDI 7.3L Ford F350. Wow, have diesels come a long way since then.

Lastly, some of our best testimonials come from within. We also operate a separate company that is in the business of long haul boat and auto transportation. The trucks we utilize are Ford F450's and F550's equipped with Powerstroke Diesel engines. These trucks can travel as much as 100,000 miles per year, running for up to 18 hours per day, while at times towing loads in excess of 20,000 lbs. To be successful, it is critical that these vehicles operate reliably at all times. This extreme use creates a rigorous testing environment for the parts and procedures that we employ, and is one of the many reasons that we can be confident in telling you that OSP Diesel has the solutions to Bullet Proof your Powerstroke diesel truck.


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